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I’m one of the rare people who enjoys change and learning, so my journey has taken me in many directions. However, the one common thread to everything I have pursued is people. I LOVE working with people! I have been a Registered Nurse (R.N.) for over 20 years, began pursuing Medical Aesthetics 10 years ago, and I'm now a Naturopathic Practitioner (N.P.). I love this field because there is always something new to learn and the field is always advancing. I am all about aging gracefully but as naturally as possible and we all need a little help to combat the havoc that gravity and our environment wreaks on our skin. I received my certification as a Health Coach a year ago because not only is this a continual and personal journey for me, but I have found many people are faced with the same "hamster wheel" of losing and gaining that I was and they need to find a way off!

After trying many of the various weight loss centers, books, and diets, I found myself heavier every year until this past year, when I gradually and consistently decreased my weight and began moving towards optimal health. I look forward to meeting you, whether to address anti-aging, simply maintaining your complexion, to walk the health and wellness journey together or simply to shop our little boutique.




Joey Hay is a professional counselor who declined to be state-licensed due to her strong Biblical focus.

Her experiences and qualifications include:

  • Master of Counseling degree from AGTS (Evangel)
  • 10+ years on pastoral staff
  • Extensive experience with Sozo-style ministry
  • 30+ mission trips (many as the leader)
  • Certified in PrepareEnrich pre/marital screening
  • 40+ years as a Bible teacher, speaker, and prayer leader
  • 48 year marriage, children, and grandchildren

Joey has a passion for inner healing, integrating soul and spirit wholeness.